Why is Xyspy the Best Phone Spy App in the World?

Why is Xyspy the Best Phone Spy App in the World

We could not start this list without talking about the main thing, what brought you here, right? It is the ability to do cell tracking, yes, Xyspy is the only one that can deliver this feature – with unbelievable accuracy – and show in real time where your son or daughter’s monitored phone is, for example. The site will be shown in an interactive map displayed in a web panel. Click here to know more.

In addition to being able to see the location in real time, it also allows you to configure alerts for allowed areas and forbidden areas. Thus, whenever the monitored phone accesses one of these locations you will receive instant alerts.

Impressive, no, but you must be wondering what it is that made it famous at that point. This is what we will see from now on when we go on to investigate what this tool can do for you and the safety of your family.

Short summary: In addition to being able to use it for cell phone tracking, it is still possible to monitor the sending and receiving of text messages (SMS), call history (affected and received), current location and real time monitored phone and social networks.

What can be monitored with this tool – Okay, we already know that it is a super-complete application that can be used to track a cell phone, even being the number one in the world, but what it can track, after all?

It’s the only spy application that supports all famous social applications and messengers, record calls and calls, SMS messages, phonebook, and more. Depending on the chosen plan, you can even access the device’s camera and intercept and record connections that are occurring in real time. Virtually everything that is done on the phone can be closely monitored by you.