Take Your Smartwatch Experience to the Next Level with Watch Face Apps By Live The Times

Live The Times

Live The Times is a reputed and experienced app development company specializing in the development of Wear OS apps and watch faces. They have developed a wide range of Wear OS watch faces apps that are available to download on the Google Play Store. People who have downloaded their apps seem to be very satisfied and are saying amazing things about Live The Times and their Wear OS apps. 

Live The Times

If you are tired of your smartwatch’s look and want to make it look more appealing, be sure to give Live The Times a shot. You can browse through their huge selection of attractive watch faces to find your favorite one for your smartwatch. All of their apps and products are available to download at Google Play Store. They have been recognized as a leading contributor to high-quality Wear OS applications. 

When it comes to media coverage, Live The Times has been featured on the world’s most reputed and popular news outlets such as FOX, CBS, Boston Globe, Bloomberg BusnessWeek, MarketWatch, NBC, and ABC. The team at Live The Times is very committed to making the most of mobile technology to offer a great experience to smartwatch users.

If you or any of your colleagues is interested in giving watch faces a shot, be sure to check the collection of Live The Times. You are sure to find your favorite watch face. They have an extensive range watch face apps that work with all the round and square smartwatches, including Fossil Q Explorist/Marshal/Venture/Garret HR Gen 5/Founder 2.0, WeaerOS, Michael Kors Access Sofie, Huawei Watch, Android Wear 2.0, Moto 360 2015, Huawei Watch 2/2 Classic, and more.

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