The Most Impressive Gadgets of This Year

The Most Impressive Gadgets of This Year

Technologically is evolving at a very fast pace and the highly advanced gadgets being developed is a key example in this relation. Even if you are not a gadget freak, some of them can prove to be very helpful for you. Some of the gadgets that you cannot ignore in the year 2017 are given below.

The Most Impressive Gadgets of This Year

  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5

When you talk about the best tablets of the year, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is undoubtedly one of the best options.  The amazing gadget has a screen size of 10.5 inches and a resolution of 2224 by 1668. This tablet by apple has also gained popularity due to the 12MP camera that it has. This camera has also been used previously in iPhone 7. This version of the iPad Pro does not deviate a lot from the older iPad 9.7. Along with that, it comes in gold, rose gold, silver and grey colors.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the sleekest looing tabs. Instead of the conventional plastic finish, the Tab S3 offers a combination of metal and glass. The tab is equipped with a stylus that allows the user to make meeting notes and perform other similar tasks.  This tablet has an impressive resolution of 2048 X 1536. This feature makes videos and images very clear to view.

  • HTC U11

The HTC U11 is a smartphone with a lot of uncommon features.  Instead of touching the phone every time, you have the option to squeeze the sides and open your files or take photos. One of the attractive features is the back of the phone. Instead of the usual metal back, the HTC U11 has a glass cover.  The users can purchase this amazing phone in silver and red colors.