How to Take Care of Your Hookah?

How to Take Care of Your Hookah

First, see if the Hookah Accessories Calgary such as rubber and body already in place. If it is in good condition then it is time to put the plate that will take care of the ashes that fall from the coal. Now it is time to fit the hose in your hookah, always remembering to check if it also meets the appropriate rubber to have pressure.

How to Take Care of Your Hookah

Preparing the Rosh

This is, without a doubt, the most important step for you to maintain the Khalil Mamoon hookah Calgary. First you will thoroughly blend the essence so that the tobacco, the flavoring and the molasses are uniform before moving on to the Rosh. Once you have done this, you can use a fork or even your fingers to straighten the essence inside the Rosh, then press lightly.

It should be kept two millimeters apart between the essence and the aluminum foil. If the essence comes in contact with the aluminum foil, it will stick and burn, causing a horrible taste and ending with your session.

Placing aluminum

With the appropriate Aluminum Foil, it is already cut to size. Stretch the paper completely, preventing it from becoming flaccid. Now is the crucial time, it’s time to make the holes in aluminum. If your Rosh is of the Egyptian Hookah Calgary type or similar (ancient traditional), holes should be made in it all. If it is of the Phunnel type (those with central pin in the middle), the holes should be made around the central part. But this is not a general rule, it goes with taste.


Now is the time to put the coal that should be fully lit. The charcoal is left for a few minutes on top of the Rosh and always rotated so that all the essence is heated and “cooked” evenly and lasts much longer.

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