Reviews of Commonly Used Browsers

Reviews of Commonly Used Browsers

Having a high quality browser is very important if you want to have smooth online access. A variety of browsers are available that are used for desktop / laptop and smartphones as well.  Each of these browsers has their advantages and disadvantages. Given below are browsers that are commonly used.

Reviews of Commonly Used Browsers

  • Chrome

In terms of speed, Google Chrome can prove to be one of the best choices. However, you need to have a powerful system as Chrome consumes a lot of memory. Along with that, the performance of Chrome depends a lot the platform that you are using. In case of Android, Chrome works perfectly well and syncs with the user’s Google account. However, in case of cross platforms like iOS and Windows, the performance level goes down.

  • Firefox

In terms of performance Firefox has always proven to be very impressive. However, when you talk about user interface and display, it is not as impressive. The application is completely free and can be downloaded on all smartphone platforms. It is a high performance browser that works equally well on all operating systems and smartphone platforms.

  • Opera

As browser, Opera has its own pros and cons. In terms of performance, it is a fast paced browser that provides browsing without any advertisements. In terms of interface, it is not that impressive. The features are hard to remember and get familiar with. Other than that, Opera does not work smoothly on windows based systems. It is more suitable for Linux based systems.

Reviews of Commonly Used Browsers 2

  • Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is not preferred as much as the other browsers. This is simply because of the interface which has not advanced like other browsers. However, if you are using the windows platform, it can prove to be the best browser for you.