The Best Softwares for Smartphone System Security

The Best Softwares for Smartphone System Security

These days, people download a lot of free applications on their computers as well as smart phones. However, most of these applications are not healthy for the system and can infect it with viruses. Thus, you need to have a good application to protect your system. Here are some reliable system security applications that protect a smart phone system from malicious content.

The Best Softwares for Smartphone System Security

  • Sophos Anti-Virus application

It is not hard to find a system security application that is free. However, most these applications provide limited protection. Complete protection is only provided if the paid version is purchased.  Sophos is a state of the art anti-virus application that is 100% free and provides complete system protection. It prevents viruses and malware applications from accessing the files stored on the smartphone. This application works best with android based smart phones.

  • Anti-Virus security by Avira

Avira is one of the reputed companies that have been producing reliable anti-virus applications for a very long time. Avira has anti-virus versions for android based and windows based smart phones. This is a free application and does not consume a lot of memory. This application not only performs automatic scans and deletes the infected files but also alarms the user when infected files are being downloaded from the internet.

The Best Softwares for Smartphone System Security 2

  • Trend Mobile System Security Application

In terms of real time system cleaning and malware detection, trend is a decent application but it cannot be termed as a high performing option. It is a freeware and is decent where offline system protection is concerned; it is not that effective for online protection. The application is not very helpful when it comes to removal of infected files. Along with that, it requires frequent updates as well. On an overall scale, it provides average protection for android and windows based smartphones.