10 Homeowner Tips for Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Door Repair Independence, Molalla

According to the internet, June is marked to be a national garage door safety month. To emphasize the importance of garage door safety here are ten tips to prevent accidents from happening.

Garage Door Repair Independence, Molalla

    1. DIY Doers: In order to save some cash, people search for DIY tutorials to repair or install the garage doors by themselves. Call an local garage door repair or installation service to get the work properly done as there is always a risk of injury if you are not really familiar with the specifics. In Independence and Molalla call a professional for them at affordable rates.
    2. Free Rides: Kids think that it is a fun idea to ride the garage door when it is going up. It is important to teach kids that a garage door is not a toy and riding them running under them while it is closing can cause a fatal injury.
    3. Trying to Get Into the Garage Before It Closes: What can we say to the adults who act like kids and try getting before it closes. More than 130 people every injured due to this behavior.
    4. Traps for fingers: Every year more than 150 people’s fingers get caught between the rollers and the track which in severe cases leads to amputation. Everyone should be very careful while the garage door is closing
    5. Malfunction of the Garage Door: Garage doesn’t always operate as we expert and can malfunction any time, many accidents each due to malfunction of a garage door. A regular maintenance is a must to prevent these accidents.

  1. Broken glass: Some garage doors have glass windows. If by chance glass breaks, it’s necessary to clear the shards or else it might hurt someone.
  2. Garage Door Springs: Over a period of time, these garage door springs wear out, so one should keep an eye out for broken springs as it might cause a fatal injury.
  3. Sharp edges: Garage door have some sharp edges, so everyone should always be careful when near the garage door especially when it is in operation
  4. Falling doors: Due to lack of maintenance of the garage door, they sometimes become frozen garage doors or sometimes fall, regular maintenance is a need.
  5. Pinches and Crushes: Some garage doors have sections and joints; it is better keep a distance when the door is in operation to prevent injury.

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